racist tags and posters in eugene, or - The Boreal

Nazi and White Supremacists Active in the Eugene Area

racist tags and posters in eugene, or - The Boreal

The Boreal tagged with Nazi symbols

White nationalist and neo-nazi groups have been present in the region of Eugene and Springfield for decades. However, in recent years they have become increasingly active and bold.

The community should be aware of this threat.

Locations in the Whiteaker neighborhood, which is traditionally a stronghold of anti-racist and environmental organizing, including the Earth Liberation Front, have been targeted recently by neo-nazi groups via tagging and spray painting slogans and symbols.

Much of this activity is likely related to Springfield residents Jimmy and Judy Marr, vehement white supremacists who are known for their vehicles that read “diversity is a code word for white genocide” and “Trump: do the white thing.” They are believed to reside at 1321 G Street in Springfield.

More information on these local and regional white supremacists can be found here.

Oregon has a deeply racist history that lives on today. Learn more here.

There are many community groups organizing against white supremacy. One that we recommend following, networking with, and supporting is the Rural Organizing Project. They have worked tirelessly on behalf of justice, human rights, and anti-racism across Oregon’s rural areas in concert with countless local groups. They have especially worked against “patriot” and militia groups, such as the groups that occupied the gold mine in southern Oregon and the groups behind the Bundy occupation of the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge. These groups are often are recruiting grounds and have relationships with white supremacist groups. Check out their excellent report on militia groups in Oregon here.

We at Deep Green Resistance abhor and condemn white supremacy in the strongest terms. We need to defeat white nationalists wherever they arise. This requires a wide range of methods, from internal work within our groups and communities to dismantling broader racist institutions to direct combat and self-defense against racist violence.
racist tags and posters in eugene, or - Old Nick's  racist tags and posters in eugene, or - Ninkasi racist tags and posters in eugene, or - Jerry and Walt's racist tags and posters in eugene, or

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