Support Our Upcoming Direct Action Training

Direct Action Training Deep Green ResistanceDeep Green Resistance Oregon is hosting an intensive workshop on strategic direct action over Earth Day weekend. It will take place near Eugene, Oregon and will be aimed at technical skills and strategic analysis of how to make our work impactful.

This training is aimed at activists who are tired of ineffective actions. Topics will include soft and hard blockades, hit and run tactics, police interactions, legal repercussions, operational security, terrain advantages, escalation, and more.

The recommended donation registration fee will be waived for front-line activists.

Loyalty and material support

To help make this training possible, we need your support! We are trying to raise $2500 in the next month to cover the costs of equipment, food, and lodging for 40 activists to participate in this direct action training.


Interested in learning more? For more info about the training and apply to attend, CLICK HERE.


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