Statement on Guy McPherson

We learned recently that Guy McPherson, with whom DGR has collaborated in the past, has been accused by multiple women of sexually predatory behavior. We have seen screenshots of comments where he calls women vile names (e.g., he calls one woman a “cum-gargling whore”). These accusations have been corroborated from several sources.

At the time we collaborated with Guy McPherson, we had no idea that he was treating women so poorly. Deep Green Resistance has an absolute zero-tolerance policy for abuse and will stand against any predators being allowed access to the movement or anyone who could be harmed. Our hearts go out to his victims.

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5 thoughts on “Statement on Guy McPherson

  1. Seems a lot of people competent in their fields have jaded sexual preferences. Anyone promoting a scientific discovery, prediction should be made to show evidence, and explain why s/he reached those conclusions. If you question Guy’s motives, fair enough, but you must disprove the scientific research as well. Also, do not forget a similar thing happened to Scott Ritter, a member of the UN inspection team who tried to inform the public that Saddam no longer had WMD. To discredit him they accused him of going to a hamburger place to meet a 13 yo girl. And then we had the Iraq war. Don’t accept or reject any important message, until you’ve done your own research.

    • Totally agree chessman. The establishment uses smear tactics regularly to illegitimately discredit people who legitimately challenge and/or oppose it. Falsely calling people racist, sexist, etc. has become the norm for the establishment when it perceives that those people pose any type of threat to it.

      But that said, DGR said that it has a screen shot of one of the comments, which it shared here, and that the accusations have been corroborated by several people. While the establishment easily has enough lackeys to “corroborate” their lies multiple times, I don’t know that McPherson was anywhere near enough of a threat to the establishment for it to expend that amount of resources smearing him. Agree or disagree with DGR, I just can’t see them lying about this, or anything else for that matter.

      Finally, the last perspective here is that regarding discussions, it’s what’s said that’s important, not who said it. If Hitler were to have said that 2+2=4, would that make it false? People’s personal transgressions should not be dealt with by censoring them in discussions, I think that’s a very foolish thing to do. Cutting ties with McPherson seems totally appropriate here, but trying to exclude him from discussions is not, because those discussions have absolutely nothing to do with his personal behavior, regardless of how heinous it is, and because his comments could be very valuable in the discussion.

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