Schedule update: Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp

A Gathering for Celebration, Community, Movement Building, Ecology, and Land Defense

Formerly Sacred Water Tour

Join us on Memorial Day weekend for a campout and tour of basin and range country threatened by the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s proposed groundwater pipeline project.  This year’s Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Camp will bring visitors to the lands affected by the water grab to learn about the project and the threatened sacred lands and waters.

Activities will include a community BBQ dinner, workshops on ecology and politics, visits to important sites in the area as well as active forest-destruction operations, and discussions on organizing to protect this land. We’ll be joined by members of the community, local indigenous peoples, environmental activists, writers, photographers, ecologists, and many others. Families and kids are welcome!



We Now Have a Draft Schedule

– Saturday –

11am – 12pm: Formal Welcome and introduction
12pm – 4pm: Swamp Cedars visit (We will pay our respects and hold a poetry workshop)
4pm – 7pm: BBQ and Fun Activities (Archery, Games) at Cleve Creek
7pm – 10pm: Campfire and Workshops focusing on the SNWA water grab

– Sunday –

8am – 10am: Breakfast
12pm – 5pm: Pinyon-Juniper Destruction Site Visit (likely northern Spring Valley and/or Cave Valley)
5pm – 7pm: Dinner
7pm – 10pm: Campfire and Workshops focusing on the Pinyon-Juniper forests, history, and ecology. Introduction to non-violent civil disobedience workshop.

– Monday –

8am – 10am: Breakfast, Break Camp
10am – 2pm: Bat Caves / Great Basin National Park visit
2pm: End of trip

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