Coos County: take decisive action, vote yes on 6-162

Coos Commons community rights LNG Jordan CoveA massive proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) pipeline and export terminal has been proposed in Coos County, on the southern Oregon coast.

These projects, which are expected to cost $7.6 billion (twice as much as the Dakota Access Pipeline), are known as the “Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline” and the “Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal.”

The Pacific Connector pipeline would cross more than 400 waterways in order to deliver fracked gas from Wyoming, Utah, and beyond via a connector to the Ruby Pipeline. The export terminal would require its own power plant, expected to be the most polluting in Oregon. The construction and operation of these facilities would contribute further to the disaster that is industrial civilization.

Local and regional opposition to the project has been fierce, with people speaking out, taking part in public meetings, organizing protests and resistance groups, and more.

Veresen_Jordan_Cove_LNG_Project_MapOne of the most promising resistance efforts comes from a group called the Coos Commons. This group has worked with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, CELDF, to draft a local law that would completely outlaw this project—stopping it in its tracks.

To use the language of the Deep Green Resistance book and strategy (Decisive Ecological Warfare), this is potentially a decisive action that could stop this project in it’s tracks.

Voting on this issue is taking place this week. Therefore we encourage Coos County residents to vote yes on 6-162 in order to halt this destruction of the planet. Check out this video from Coos Commons for more:

Of course, voting is only part of what we can do to fight back. We encourage people to organize and resist using a variety of methods—the more effective, the better. Learn more ways to help with existing efforts on the Coos Commons website.

Another film trailer with more information on this issue (we do not necessarily agree with everything in this trailer):

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