Indigenous resistance to mining in Oregon

Molalla Indians Oppose Old Hazeldell Quarry | #SaveTheElliott State Forest!

Indigenous resistance to mining in OregonMolalla Ancestral Run: Tribe responds to Old Hazeldell Quarry Claims

By Kayla Godowa-Tufti 

Photos by Erika Lincango 

Censored News

OAKRIDGE, Oregon (October 4, 2016) — Last weekend marked the first year of the Molalla Ancestral Run. On Saturday October 1st, members of the Chakgeenkni-Tufti band of Molalla Indians called for ceremony in response to the recent proposal to turn our ancient village site in to a gravel mine in Oakridge, Oregon.

During times of great burden it has been a tradition of our people to join together in ceremony and prayer. We are retracing an ancient route of our ancestors and honoring them in the process.

Read the full article at Censored News.

#SaveTheElliott – New Video Highlights Elliott State Forest 93,000 acres at risk of sale

Save The Elliott State Forest from Cascadia Wildlands on Vimeo.

“The 93,000-acre Elliott State Forest is at risk of being privatized if the state of Oregon continues down its current trajectory. Oregonians then would be met with locked gates and no-trespassing signs while trying to gain access to some of Western Oregon’s stateliest rain forests, finest salmon streams and most sought-after hunting grounds. The Elliott State Forest is located outside of Coos Bay, Oregon and is one of the largest intact pieces of public property in a landscape fragmented by industrial timberland. After years of illegal and irresponsible land management, the state of Oregon decided to sell the forest rather than find creative and effective solutions that provide jobs to the local economies, protect wildlife and natural spaces, and allows for public access to recreation opportunities.”

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