Response to Sierra Club’s Greenwashed “#ReadyFor100” Plan

The Sierra Club and other big-green organizations have a long history of making compromises and major questionable decisions that negatively impact the natural world.

For example, between 2007 and 2010 they received $26 million from leaders of Chesapeake Energy, a natural gas and fracking company. These donations were hidden from the membership.

During this time, the Sierra Club actively supported the idea of natural gas as a “bridge fuel” away from coal, an idea that helped propel and justify the explosion of fracking and the opening of countless new natural gas power plants across the US and across the world. Sierra Club has also worked closely with other major corporation such as Clorox to brand their products as “green.”

Despite this, there are excellent local grassroots Sierra Club organizers doing good work. However, Sierra Club like other major NGOs has completely bought in to the mythology of green energy and green technology, mistakenly believing that these things will help the planet. Their latest plan revolves around this mistaken belief. This is our response to their latest newsletter, sent directly via email and posted here for the public.

Hello Jodie Van Horn,

I find this email dishonest. For one, these mayors are committing to renewable electricity, which is only about 20 percent of energy. So the real headline is that they’re committing to 20 percent renewable energy.

Second, I recommend looking into the research led by Richard York, a professor of Environmental Sociology at the University of Oregon, who published a paper on the subject in the journal Nature Climate Change in 2012. After analyzing data from 128 nations, York found that “the average pattern… is one where each unit of total national energy from non-fossil-fuel sources displaced less than one-quarter of a unit of fossil-fuel energy use and, focusing specifically on electricity, each unit of electricity generated by non-fossil-fuel sources displaced less than one-tenth of a unit of fossil-fuel generated electricity.”[1]

[1] “Do alternative energy sources displace fossil fuels?” By Richard York. Nature Climate Change. Vol 2. NClimate 1451. June 2012.

We need to actually stop coal, oil, gas, logging, overgrazing, industrial agriculture, overfishing, and other destructive activities directly instead of relying on technology to solve the problem.

Thank you,
DGR Member (name removed)
Deep Green Resistance

Original message:
Jodie Van Horn, Sierra Club wrote:
JUST RELEASED — NEW #READYFOR100 CASE STUDY REPORT! Share this report with your mayor and thank them for showing their support for 100% clean, renewable energy!

Dear ,

We’re getting closer. With another unanimous vote in Breckenridge, Colorado last night, we’re now just one commitment shy of 50 U.S. cities that have committed to powering their communities with 100% clean and renewable energy.

Yesterday, the Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 Campaign released a new report showcasing ten of the 49 U.S. cities that are committed to building a 100% clean and renewable energy future that works for all of us.

Your mayor is at the forefront of that movement. Read and share this report with your mayor and thank them for showing their support for 100% clean, renewable energy!

From Atlanta, Georgia to Pueblo, Colorado, these communities recognize that 100% clean energy means lower energy costs, more good-paying jobs, cleaner air and water, and affordable energy for all! Today, these cities are paving the way to 100% clean energy by taking steps to realize this vision.

Share this new report with your mayor and ask them to continue to show their support for 100% clean, renewable energy now!

Everyday more and more mayors — regardless of political party — are showing their support for 100% clean and renewable energy in their cities, towns, and communities. To date, over 165 mayors have joined Mayors For 100% Clean Energy and laid out a vision to move their communities entirely to renewable energy!

During this time of federal inaction, cities are at the forefront of progress. Ask your mayor now to show their continued support for 100% clean and renewable energy for all.

Jodie Van Horn
Ready For 100 Campaign Director, Sierra Club

P.S. Seeing is believing. Help share this #ReadyFor100 report with your mayor, your friends, and your followers on social media now!

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