Federal Regulators Favor S. Oregon Gas Pipeline vs. Democracy

Stop LNG exports - protect salmon - Klamath Falls Klamath nation

A massive LNG pipeline and export terminal is proposed for southern Oregon. Deep Green Resistance opposes this project and stands in solidarity with the indigenous communities, local people, workers, environmental groups, and the natural world who do so as well.

From a local DGR ally and friend:

“On Thursday June 29, I attended FERC’s scoping hearing regarding the Pacific Connector Pipeline / Jordan Cove LNG Project in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The hearing ran from 4-7 p.m. and was preceded by a two-hour meet-and-greet/strategy meeting organized by the opposition. Opponents of the pipeline are from various sectors, primarily indigenous people and other water protectors and pipeline opponents, as well as affected landowners.

This was my first attendance at a hearing about Jordan Cove, nor have I attended a FERC hearing before. I was, however, not the only person who found the structure and process different from what I had been expecting based on having attended other permitting hearings. Evidently the purpose of the scoping hearing is to gather public input into the scope of the hearings and what FERC should address in its review of the permit. My understanding is that the full hearings will take place in the fall in all four of the affected counties: Klamath, Douglas, Jackson, and Coos counties. Jackson County was not included in the scoping hearings.

Odder, however, was that rather than having an open hearing, those wishing to testify were given a number and one by one taken into a small room with FERC officials where they gave their testimony.

Not to be intimidated, several water protectors decided to hold their own public testimony and so we formed a large circle on one side of the waiting area and people had the opportunity to speak out regarding the pipeline. On the other side of the waiting area, organized labor (building trades and others) made up one quarter to one third of the hearing attendees.

As someone who is just getting involved this time in the effort against the Jordan Cove Project, I could not help but feel really bad for the landowners and the indigenous people who are right in the way of the pipeline and having to face this never-ending struggle a third time.

For more information and to stay informed follow No LNG Exports.”

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