Environmental Activists Continue to Face FBI Intimidation

Environmental Activists Continue to Face FBI Intimidation

On Friday, January 22, 2016 around 10:30am, an FBI agent from the Seattle field office called activist and community organizer Max Wilbert as part of an ongoing campaign of FBI intimidation and harassment directed at environmentalists.

This harassment is believed to be part of an ongoing COINTELPRO-style investigation and harassment campaign against one of the groups Wilbert is involved in, Deep Green Resistance, or DGR. The organization supports “eco-sabotage,” but has a code of conduct for members that explicitly states that they will not harm people or engage in illegal underground activities themselves.

The group does take part in protests and non-violent direct action.

Environmental Activists Continue to Face FBI IntimidationA longtime member, Wilbert has taken part in actions against the Tar Sands and is involved in several campaigns to protect forests and stop large infrastructure projects in the Intermountain West.

This isn’t the first time Wilbert has been contacted by the FBI; in December 2014, just over a year ago, another FBI member called him in a similar incident. That phone call took place at the end of an ongoing campaign of harassing phone calls and in-person visists targeting members of Deep Green Resistance, a lawyer helping them with their case, and a few non-member allies.

As recently as January 8th, another DGR member was contacted by the FBI regarding letters to political prisoners she had written, and in September of last year Wilbert was among a group of activists denied entry to Canada and detained at the border for more than 8 hours before being released with no explanation given.

During the latest call that took place on Friday, the agent identified himself and asked Wilbert to speak with him. Wilbert declined and indicated that the agent could contact his lawyer, in accordance with generally accepted activist safety practices. The agent persisted, suggesting that they arrange an in-person meeting, and Wilbert said no and hung up the phone. The phone number the call came from is the public line for the FBI office in Seattle.

Update: Listen to the Interview

Sign The Solidarity Statement Against FBI Intimidation

We demand that this political intimidation of environmental activists stop! We will not be intimidated. We will not be silenced. We will not be afraid. We will not stop fighting for justice. These attempts at government repression only demonstrate that radical activism is a true threat to the dominant systems of power.

If you stand in solidarity with us against this sort of government repression, please comment below as a signatory to this statement or email Eugene@deepgreenresistance.org to be added to the list.

26 thoughts on “Environmental Activists Continue to Face FBI Intimidation

  1. Please stop the harassment of environmental activists! They are within their rights to speak against the destruction of the Earth. They are not alone. They represent a very Oregon point of view — a regional point of view. I stand against any kind of repression. The role of law enforcement should not be to intimidate those who are acting within their rights to speak for the protection of the earth.

  2. Very much a repeat of COINTELPRO from 50 years ago, and a sad reminder that the FBI is unable to evolve from what it was under J. Edgar Hoover. Shut down the police state!

  3. Please stop the intimidation of environmental activists. It must be clear now that the Earth is in need of protection.
    Karen Swan UK

  4. Please stop the bullying, harassment and intimidation of Deep Green Resistance members and activists. It is not a sign of a democracy to silence the voices that raise objection to government and/or state policies and practices. On the contrary it is an indicator of a weak state, which is not accountable and cannot justify itself to the people it governs and attempts instead to silence them. In a democracy people have the right to protest. The world is watching your actions.

  5. Add me to list. Fully aware of the m.o. of fbi. We must use our intelligence and know your rights. We must be cautious of BAD JACKET ING and snitch infiltration.

  6. “No matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the Earth. We must not react out of hatred against those who have no sense.”

    John Trudell

  7. In solidarity!
    Intimidation and harassment of those who stand for life is unacceptable. I stand with all of those who love and defend life.

  8. Stand strong, Max and all environmental activists! This struggle is too important to be distracted by this who profit from death.

  9. The FBI has been the U.S. government’s political police force since the times of Marcus Garvey. Good move to never talk to them.

  10. Jennifer Murnan: “The FBI showed up at my place of employment and in addition, intimidated my family, in the first wave of harassment.”

  11. Don’t talk to the FBI!! Or the police, for that matter. They have a long history of lying and trickery and your comments may be misconstrued or taken out of context. Just say no!
    In solidarity with al of those land defenders who have had to go through this. Your bravery and knowledge of Security ‘culture is inspiring.

  12. Yes never speak to any police. If they don’t have a warrant and you’re not being detained, then you don’t have to talk to them.

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