Help Activists Fight to Protect the Land We Love!

Deep Green Resistance is an organization dedicated to fighting for a living planet. We recognize that our collective tactics to halt the destruction of the planet are failing, while the climate crisis continues to escalate, every year, every week, every day.

This fall, we’ve organized a series of skills and tactical trainings for DGR activists and allies alike, with the goal of building confident and competent activist teams and networks in our communities in the Pacific NW. These trainings are geared toward preparing close-knit teams of environmental activists in carrying out safe, successful, and materially impactful actions. These trainings include operational security, soft and hard blockades, media support during an action, and more. (Check out the video for an example of a DGR coal train blockade last year!)

We need your help to make these intensive trainings a reality! Do you support this work to protect the land we love? Not sure if you can personally risk participating in environmental activism? Consider supporting the cause through a personal donation in any amount that is feasible for you!

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Organizing and carrying out these training sessions incur a number of costs–food, lodging, transportation, supplies/materials, and time–and all of these require financial support. We are asking for your help to empower dedicated, frontline activists in more effective and more impactful strategies and actions to halt climate change and the destruction of the planet.

Thank you for considering this request! We couldn’t do this work without you, and we plan to keep doing it for as long as it’s needed.

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