Meta-analysis study debunks “Male/Female Brain”

Male Female BrainThe idea that men and women are inherently, fundamentally different (in ways more profound than just physical characteristics and dimorphism, reproductive capacity, etc.) is strongly felt and believed by the majority of people today.  This understanding of ourselves is a convenient one for maintaining the status quo.  

We believe these differences that are often attributed to the “male brain” or the “female brain” are really nothing more than sex stereotypes being presented as  natural, intrinsic parts of us. The Rosalind Franklin University, located in Chicago, IL., has completed a meta-analysis of 76 published papers, examining a specific belief, that the hippo-campus (a part of the brain that consolidates new memories and helps connect emotions to the senses), is larger in females than in males.  

We reject any idea that maintains that there are significant differences between male brains and female brains.  We support full solidarity for all oppressed groups, including women.

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