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Firearms Training for Revolutionaries and Activists

resistance and revolution requires arms“What do we do in the face of this horror? Do we sit on our hands? Do we lift our hands to god and pray for the Messiah to come? I don’t think he’s coming. What do we do? We use our hands and our arms and our hearts and our lives and our deaths and we fight back, we resist. If you can’t fight, then run. If you can’t run, then hide. But you must resist. Must.”

– from the film Uprising, about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


“Sure, I’ll give up my guns, as soon as the NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, police, military, and right-wing militias disarm themselves. Until then, my liberal, progressive, and “leftist” friends can eat tofu, watch MSNBC/Bill Moyers, and go fly a kite. Your collective commentary is akin to the “privileged white-classes” that you so often rail against.

Believe me, I’d love to live in a world without guns, violence, and so forth. But, I’m not naive enough to believe these things are going away anytime soon. This nation is extremely sick, twisted, undereducated, and plagued with an exploding prison population, growing inequality, and ever-expanding military empire and surveillance state. We should be expecting much more violence in the future, not less.

Clearly, within the context of rapid climate change, growing social ills, and a collapsing economic system, giving up your weaponry seems a bit insane and utterly naive. Interestingly, it’s the liberals and progressives, who’ve largely grown up in cosmopolitan/suburban areas, who sound like the spoiled little American brats we so often challenge.

If you’ve never carried, fired, cleaned, taken apart, or counted on a weapon to save your life, I suggest taking a more humble approach to this issue. Conversely, if you’ve only fired your daddy’s handgun, shotgun, and rifle in the backyard, I suggest scaling back the glorification of weapons and violence.

If I thought killing and warfare were fun, I would have stayed in the military–but I didn’t. If I though weapons were unnecessary, I wouldn’t own any–but I do.”

– Vince Emanuele, USMC Veteran and anti-war, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, pro-feminist activist


“When asked about the origin of the women’s militias, we were often greeted by the same formulae. ‘Well, we’re anti-capitalist. One thing we think the twentieth century has shown us is that you can’t get rid of capitalism without getting rid of the state. And you can’t get rid of the state without eliminating patriarchy.’ The implication: giving all women access to automatic weapons seems a fairly obvious place to start.”

– from the book Revolution in Rojava

At Deep Green Resistance we believe strongly in the need for armed people’s movements—both aboveground and underground—to defend against fascism and oppression. Being proficient and comfortable with weapons is one necessary condition for any revolutionary movement. Therefore our members and allies have taken part in weapons training and spreading skills around the safe use of firearms for some time. Here are a few images from a recent training here in Oregon.

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