PIELC 2017 Deep Green Resistance table

Public Interest Environmental Law Conference 2017

PIELC 2017 Deep Green Resistance tableLast weekend, the annual PIELC conference took place here in Eugene, Oregon (USA). Despite the name, this conference draws a wide range of grassroots activists in addition to lawyers. Our local chapter as well as members and close allies from around the region attended.

On Friday, two of our members gave a talk critiquing energy efficiency as a solution to environmental problems, and more broadly critiquing technological solutions, capitalism, and civilization. About 30 people attended and the Q&A period was good.

A second DGR panel took place that evening with a DGR member and four other activists from the region on a panel discussing Great Basin environmental issues. While we don’t agree on everything, all of them represent a grassroots environmental perspective. They included Jennifer Eisele (Duck Valley Paiute), Chris Zinda, and Laura Cunningham and Kevin Emmerich from Basin and Range Watch, a small non-profit. About 40 people attended and the Q&A also went well.

Throughout the weekend we also tabled on behalf of Deep Green Resistance. We sold about 6 DGR books, collected 30 email addresses, and spoke to perhaps 100 people over the course of the weekend. Thank you so much to everyone who came out!

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